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Covid 19 Update

As we all continue to adjust in this uncertain time, I wanted to reach out to address the current situation with the coronavirus. At ‘Rosies Camper’ we are listening carefully to government guidelines. For the safety of our customers and to avoid disappointment we are not hiring out Rosies Camper in the months of April and May. All our guests who booked these dates have been contacted and given a full refund.

When Can You Book?

We consider the motorhome lifestyle to be a great holiday alternative and it certainly will help combat the cabin fever this summer. Without the hassle or worry of booking flights and with the added freedom to explore, Rosie’s Camper will give everyone something to look forward to. We are now taking bookings for dates beginning June 1st 2020.

Driving Down Prices + Refunds

To help financially we have reduced the cost of our hire this year to help you enjoy the experience of campervan life at an even more competitive price. It is really worth while checking out these great deals - follow the link for availability:

With only 25% deposit on booking and our ‘Covid 19 Lockdown full refund’ it will give you peace of mind. 

What we’re doing to keep you safe?

I wanted to put your mind at ease and advise you of the additional health and safety measures we’re taking to help keep our guests safe:

  • Between rentals we always service, clean and sanitiser the motorhome.

  • All “high-touch” areas will be treated with additional disinfectant/sanitiser (door handles, etc).

  • Travel hand sanitiser will be available for guests as part of the package.

  • We will always leave a full 24hrs between guests to give us time to deep clean the camper.

  • Bedding will no longer be supplied and will be required to be brought by the renter. We will still provide mattress protectors and sheets which are always changed between guests. However, in the interest of safety we ask guests to also bring their own sheets. We will review this on a day to day basis.

  • In the interest of everyone’s safety we ask that you also adhere to the latest advice on how to prevent Covid 19 spread.

In addition to the above, we remain available to answer any specific questions you may have. My personal number is: 07515124833 and I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

A Big Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read through and for your patience with any local businesses in these unprecedented times.

We are personally so thankful to our amazing guests who have all been so understanding when their trips were cancelled this year. We do hope if everyone adheres to the government guidelines that we will get back to some form of normality as soon as possible.

Many Thanks


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